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Raymarine C80 System Pack C80 / Raystar 125 / 2kw Dome - Discontinued



  • C80 Display
  • Raystar 125 GPS Antenna
  • 2kw Radome


  • Configure any C-Series display as single function stand-alone chartplotter,digital fishfinder or radar
  • Create a combination chart-plotter,radar,or echo sounder
  • Build a powerful all-in-one chart/radar/sounder system

  • The intuitive C-Series interface puts you in command. Simply Pagethrough your choice of displays
  • Create custom windows of any combination of chartplotter,radar or sonar.
  • Twist N Click Rotary control provides easy alphanumeric waypoint storage

Advanced Display Technology
  • Direct Sunlight Viewable 256 color displays
  • Excellent contrast and a wide viewing angle
  • Prismatic light enhancing screens with integrated anti-glare filters

C-Series GPS Chartplotter

Connect an optional Raystar GPS Satellite Differential (WAAS/EGNOS) Sensor and choose Navionics Gold charts to transform any C-Series display into accurate and detailed GPS charting system.

  • Support for professional quality Navionics Gold vector charts on Compact Flash cards
  • 256 color high resolution display and Navionics gold provides paper chart like clarity
  • True Motion and Relative Motion modes
  • Auto Range mode intelligently maintains your vessel and your waypoint on the best chart scale while underway
  • Quick and easy alphanumeric waypoint storage using the Twist n Click rotary control
  • Loran TD positioning
  • On screen VHF DSC position reports (with compatible DSC VHF via NMEA)
  • Unlimited waypoint, route and track storage using compact flash cards

C-Series Digital Fishfinder

Transform a C-Series display into the ultimate fishfinder with High Definition Fish Imaging technology using an optional Raymarine Digital Sounder Module

  • Patented Digital Raymarine HDFI echo sounder technology
  • Fully adaptive transmitter receiver adjust up to 220 sonar parameters per second
  • Enhanced high resolution 256 color discrimination
  • 600 or 1000-Watt transmit power
  • Fishing Waypoints: Pause the screen and save a waypoint at an exact location on the bottom graph
  • 2,3,4x and user programmable Zoom scales

C-Series Radar

Choose an optional Pathfinder radome or open array antenna and a C-Series display becomes a powerful Pathfinder radar system

  • Radar/chart overlay
  • MARPA (Mini-Automatic-Radar-Plotting-Aid)target tracking
  • Waypoint navigation and multiple waypoint overlay
  • Low receiver noise figure (less than 5 dB)
  • Auto GST fully automatic gain,sea clutter and tune control for real hands off operation.
  • Advanced microprocessor controlled transmitter-receiver features 8 pulse width/PRF settings, providing enhanced target returns through every range scale