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Ironwood Pacific Outdoors Anchor Ring Hd Assembly With

43084Retail Price: $89.95Sale price: $69.40
Anchor Ring Anchor Retrieval Heavy Duty Assembly - 516" stainless steel Ring w/Large Red Buoy

Buoy Size: Large
Buoy Diameter: 15.5"
Lifting Capacity: 60lbs
Color: Red

Anchor Ring anchor retrieval is designed for offshore applications where longer lengths of anchor chain are common. Our Anchor Ring has been specifically engineered to offer exceptional performance and value to boaters. Once you have used our Anchor Ring anchor retrieval, you will never want to go back to hauling your anchor by hand again.

  • Can lift up to 80 lb anchor systems, depending on the capacity of the buoy
  • Stainless steel ring and shackle
  • Designed for anchor lines rigged with more than 15 feet of chain
  • Easy to use - just slip over your anchor line when ready to raise anchor
  • Can be used with any size buoy
  • Available in 2 models
    >Anchor Ring Standard is contructed from ¼" stainless steel
    >Anchor Ring Heavy-duty is constructed from 516" stainless steel
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA

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43084Retail Price: $89.95Sale price: $69.40