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Fishfinders by Humminbird, Furuno, Garmin, Eagle and Lowrance. Portable Fishfinders, GPS Fishfinders, Chartplotters & Transducers and more...

Hummingbird Depth Finders and GPS Fish Finders for Boats

Fishfinder Store has been selling fishfinders by Humminbird, Eagle, Lowrance, Garmin and other leading brands since 2003. Fishfinder Store also sells fixed mount fishfinders, portable fishfinders, GPS fishfinders, depth finders for boats, and chartplotters as well as fishfinder transducers, fishfinder mounting brackets and other fishfinder accessories.

Fishfinder Store's Fishfinder Review and Fishfinder Comparison Systems help you quickly and easily compare fishfinders and find the right fishfinder, with our Fishfinder Rating Meter placed next to each fishfinder we sell.

Hummingbird Fish Finder Tutorial

Fishfinder Components

Hummingbird fish finders are made up of three basic components: The fishfinder mounting bracket, the fishfinder display and the fishfinder transducer. Each unit comes with all you need to install and operate the fishfinder, unless otherwise specified. Options to transducers and mounting systems are available in the accessory sections of each of the fishfinder manufactures.

Fishfinder Transducers

Fishfinder transducers are the unit's "antenna". They convert the electric energy from the transmitter to high frequency sound. The sound wave from the transducer travels through the water and bounces back from any object in the water. When the returning echo strikes the transducer, it converts the sound back into electrical energy which is sent to the fishfinder's receiver.

Fishfinder transducers come in several forms including Portable Suction Cup Transducers so you can take the fishfinder from boat to boat or reposition it on the same boat; Shoot Through Hull for mounting in plastic and fiberglass hulls, (the signal shoots right through the hull); Through Hull fishfinder transducers which have to be mounted in a hole through the bottom of the hull; and Transom Mount Transducers which are standard issue with most fishfinders. Other variations include transducer floats for some of the radio frequency handheld units from Humminbird.

Water Temperature Sensor

Many fishfinders include a transducer which has a Temperature Sensor to tell you the surface water temperature. Other fishfinder transducers have a built-in Speed Sensor, or you can purchase a separate speed sensor if you need it. The GPS combination units will give you GPS speed but it will not be as accurate as the speeds sensors if you want to use it at trolling speeds.

Single and Dual Frequency Transducers

Another issue with transducers is the number of frequencies. Some Hummingbird fish finder transducers come with more than one frequency. Dual frequency transducers are for deeper water fishing. See the transducer information page for more information about how these frequencies effect a fishfinder's performance. As a rule of thumb, for shallow water fishing you want a Single Frequency Transducer, and for deeper water (great lakes or coastal ocean fishing), you want a Dual Frequency Transducer.

Fishfinders for Kayaks

Portable fishfinders work well for kayak installation. Because the shape is awkward for portable suction cup use, most people epoxy the transom mount transducer into the bottom of the kayak (assuming the kayak is plastic or fiberglass).

Single or Multiple Beam

Most fishfinders come with a single sonar beam, but some fishfinders come with a dual signal or multiple beams. These are useful for fishing in shallow water (such as for bass).

Side Imaging Sonar

Side imaging sonar shoots a sonar beam off to the side of the boat, which is great for shallow water fishing. However, it can be a little expensive for the weekend fisherman.

Fishfinder Mounting Brackets

Fishfinders usually come with a Transom Mount Bracket, but mounting bracket options including Gimbal Mounts, Flush Mounts(in dash), Swivel Mounts and some offer Quick Disconnect Mounts.

Fishfinder Displays

Fishfinder displays are the most expensive component of the fishfinder and there are two types, LCD (grayscale) and color. The LCD screens are less expensive but do not have as high of separation or contrast, especially in poor lighting or glare. If you have the budget, the color fishfinder displays are worth the money.

Fishfinder Transducer Extensions

Most fishfinders and transducers come with a twenty foot cable but you can purchase extensions for your transducers if your boat requires a longer cable. You can also get GPS receiver extensions for GPS systems or models with built in GPS capability, as well as additional cables for boats with multiple displays

GPS Fishfinder Brands carries the most popular brands of fishfinders at some of the best prices available anywhere.

Humminbird Fishfinders

Humminbird Fishfinders come in Humminbird Fishfinder only models, Humminbird Portable Fishfinders and Humminbird GPS Fishfinders. Check out the comparison chart to review the Humminbird Fishfinders side by side with other models. All Humminbird products come with a standard, transom-mounted transducer unless otherwise noted. However, Fishfinder Store also offer optional transducers including Puck, Angled Puck, Trolling Motor, Portable and Thru-Hull (plastic or bronze). (Check out the Humminbird Transducer Exchange Program.)Read more...

Lowrance Fishfinders

Lowrance Electronics, Inc., is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality sportfishing Lowrance Fishfinder SONAR and Global Positioning System (GPS) mapping instruments. 4 out of 5 freshwater tournament fishermen today rely on Lowrance Fishfinder products.Read more...

Eagle Fishfinders

Eagle Fishfinders are made by Lowrance with the same quality and most of the features at an affordable price. Eagle Fishfinders are the best price performance depth finders on the market. Eagle Fishfinders and Eagle GPS come in several models. Click on Eagle Fishfinders if you are looking for Eagle Fishfinders without GPS. Click on Eagle GPS Fishfinders if you are looking for combination fishfinder and GPS units and click on Eagle GPS Chartplotter if you are looking for a standalone chartplotter.Read more...

Furuno Fishfinders

Since its inception in 1948, when the world's first fishfinder was commercialized, Furuno Electric Company has been responding to the needs of the maritime industry by developing high quality marine electronics. Read more...

Garmin Fishfinders

Garmin International Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets navigation and communications equipment for the aviation and consumer markets. Garmin products serve aviation, marine, automotive, wireless, OEM, and general recreation applications. Garmin aims to enrich the lives of customers by providing the very best products that offer superior quality, safety, and operational features at affordable prices.Read more...

Raymarine Fishfinders

With headquarters in Merrimack, New Hampshire, Raymarine Inc. is dedicated to the design, manufacture and distribution of the highest quality marine electronic products and services to the worldwide recreational and light commercial markets. Read more...

Interphase Fishfinders

Interphase Technologies, Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality, innovative technology to the recreational and light commercial marine market. For the first time, Interphase offers the cruiser, sailor, fisherman, search and rescue team, and mainstream boater a virtual image of the underwater area ahead of the boat. No other sonar technology discovery can boast this transducer size, ease of installation, in a completely solid state, high-tech package. Read more...

Northstar Fishfinders

Northstar has been in the Marine Navigation business for over 37 years, and in that time the Northstar name has always been synonymous with best-in-class, high performance navigation solutions. In 2008 Northstar joined the Navico group, the world leader in marine electronics. Read more...

Si-Tex Fishfinders

SI-TEX offers a full line of premium quality marine electronics systems including radars, navigation systems, VHF radios, fishfinders, autopilots, AIS and more. Read more..

Hawkeye Fishfinders

Hawkeye Fishfinders are manufactured by Norcross Marine Products, Inc. NorCross designs, engineers, and manufactures products primarily for the consumer outdoor market. Read more...

Hummingbird Depth Finder Categories

Fishfinders come in three basic classes: Standard Fishfinders, with the options as outlined above; GPS Fishfinders which includes a built in GPS unit with either a built-in antenna or an external antenna; and Portable Fishfinders, which include a suction cup transducer and a portable carry case allowing the fishfinder to operate on batteries.

Standard Fishfinders

Standard fishfinders come with a fixed Transom Mount Transducer, cable, and everything you need to operate your fishfinder.

Portable Fishfinders

Portable fishfinders come in two types, packaged and component. If your needs include a second boat or a rental boat you can purchase a separate power pack and suction cup transducer to use the same display in two boats. This is very useful for use on vacation or for ice fishing. See accessories for the Hummingbird depth finder you purchase.

GPS Fishfinders

GPS Fishfinders are combination or combo units that have both a fishfinder sonar or depth finder as they are often called, and a Marine GPS Chartplotter or Trackplotter. On a Marine Chartplotter your position is superimposed over a moving map so that you can see your position at all times. A Marine GPS Fishfinder with a track plotter only shows your course. Both the Marine Chartplotter and the Marine Trackplotter will allow you to save your position (waypoint) for recall by name so you can get back to a particular position.

Fishfinder Comparison

Once you have narrowed down the field of fishfinders utilizing our fishfinder review meter, you can do a thorough comparison of saltwater, freshwater and portable fishfinders by following the links to the fishfinder product pages.

On each page you will find a brief product description, a picture, features and benefits and the product specifications including the type of fishing the unit is bested suited to. There are also links to a description of how Hummingbird fish finders work and an overview of our rating meter.

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